Friday, October 21, 2011

Denise Everhart, Richard Harmon - True ‘elected’ Public Servants Support Victims of Domestic Violence at Rally, Topeka, KS

Denise Everhart (left) and Richard Harmon (right) two of the three that voted against ‘decriminalizing’ Domestic Violence were also at Topeka, KS YWCA March Against Violence October 21, 2011. More Photos here.
It was so nice to see these Topeka City Council officials at the rally today. (Especially after ‘Manspeaker’s fail’).

These two (actually 3) have taken a lot of  ‘heat’ from the other 7 members of the City Council that voted to repeal DV as a crime within the city limits. I was so glad they showed up. So were they, they needed the support as well knowing that they din in fact stand up for the ‘right’ thing and voted ‘no’.

They greeted every one, advocates, survivors and victims, all thanked them for their ‘stand’ against Domestic Violence. They marched with us from the State Capitol down Topeka Blvd with Topeka Police motorcycle (Harley’s even :-D ) escort. When we arrived at the YWCA, they immediately donned gloves and aprons and began ‘serving the public’- hot dogs. The event had about a 150 turn out. Not including the awesome Topeka High Drumline. (video below)
IMAG0862 IMAG0863
While I was talking with Ms. Everhart, she informed me that the city council is still getting tons of email (YEAH-KEEP IT UP). That several organizations, groups have boycotted Topeka until they reinstate the ‘bam on Domestic Violence’. I asked Denise how we could help, she stated that we really need to put pressure on the Shawnee County Commissioners. Plain and simple the DA’s office needs that funding to prosecute crimes especially low level DV crimes.

So we are still no better off than we were before, the city ‘decriminalized domestic violence’—the city has no responsibility –obviously now. But that does not fix the problem. Bottom line, the Commission cut funding to the DA which in turn forced DA to give City all misdemeanor charges including DV. The City decriminalized it-so they would have to prosecute- and now we are back at the DA needing funding. Who holds the key? The Shawnee County Commission.
Thank you to all who turned out today to support Topeka, KS Victims of Domestic Violence! A Big thanks to my hero’s Denise Everhart and Richard Harmon, you are hero’s to every DV Victim/Survivor Nationally—Internationally! We support you for as you GOOD PUBLIC SERVANTS! You have the World Supporting you and your Stand Against Domestic Violence. Thank you.
You can thank them personally as well below for taking a stand against Domestic Violence.
District 4
Denise Everhart (Voted Against Repeal)
District 9
Richard Harmon (Voted Against Repeal)
District 5
Larry Wolgast (Voted Against Repeal)
Those who ‘decriminalized domestic violence’ can be reached below.
Bill Bunten
District 2
John Alcala
District 6
Chad Manspeaker
District 8
Andrew Gray
District 3
Sylvia Ortiz
District 7
Bob Archer
District 1
Karen Hiller
City Manager Dan Stanley
200 SE 7th B11
Topeka Kansas
(785) 233-8200
Ext. 4040
Chairman (District 1)
Shelly Buhler
(District 2) Mary Thomas
(District 3) Ted Ensley