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Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America in Documentary (+playlist)

Please see http://www.powerandcontrolfilm.com/ for more video, interviews with police, medical, survivors and experts from around the world, companion to this full length documentary.

Profit Over Protection - The Industry Of Abuse. Spotlight "Kansas Batterer Intervention Program"

Author Note: When I began researching this topic, it was to be a broad and national review paper. However, to show the different views of what researchers thought were important in the successes of this program, I came across my own state's Batterer Intervention Program (BIP). The more I learned, the angrier I became. Although the state of Kansas really sticks out in this particular profit over protection,  BIP -- the nation it's self uses funding for all sorts of so called BS. 

The bottom line is simple. What all the organizations, all the same ole same, all the (fill in the blank) are doing, and the new - take their place fatherhood initiatives, and their by-organizations, are doing,  is NOT working. It is time to stop profiting and start protecting. Until that time, if ever it comes, domestic violence will never end. As you can tell, it is only getting worst. No longer are their just "punches" and "slaps". We simply have "dead' and more dead. Women and her children, being murdered daily.

When will we finally say, "enough is enough?" Until that time, like that program below,  profit over protection is all that victims can expect.

(hat tip to joel - for the term "Profit Over Protection")


 Are Batterer Intervention Programs Reducing Domestic Violence?

        Courts often mandate that ‘convicted’ abusive partners attend “batterer intervention programs” in addition to serving a probation term. Throughout the past twenty years, alternatives to battering programs and batter intervention programs receive funding through local, state and federal agencies. The very name of these programs implies that they reduce domestic violence.

         It is the consensus across the board with experts and scholars in the field of Intimate Partner Violence, that these programs, by varying names, since their inception more than twenty years ago, are not treatment modalities, they do not cure, and that battering is not a mental illness. However, due to the lack of prosecutions and the lack of consequences to the batterer or perpetrator, the increase in the use of ‘batterer intervention programs” have been implemented by almost every State in an attempt to further follow up with the perpetrator as part of his probation requirements in a domestic violence conviction.

        However, the National consensus and final conclusions, from the large body of objective data, research and studies, as per the National Institute of Justice, The Department of Justice, The Office of Crime Victims and other Leading organizations is that; “Batterer Intervention Programs Do Not Change Offender Behavior.” The recent National Institute of Justice report isa compilation of data and research over the past decade and as a result, the report spurred a joint committee sponsored by National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) to have an “Expert’s Round Table” meeting in December 2009. The resulting meeting published in 2010 “Doing the Work and Measuring the Progress: Batterer Intervention Meeting Report,” in which includes, executive order and further recommendations.

      One of the major recurring themes in the research is that there exists a gap between “what researchers emphasize when they evaluate batterer intervention programs” and “what practitioners consider reflective of their program goals and accomplishments.”

For example:

      Oddly, or not, during this research paper, there currently does not exist an audit report in the State of Kansas on the Batterer Intervention Programs. In fact my research shows that the Kansas States “Batterer Intervention Program” – adopted  by the  Kansas Attorney General’s Office, as the ‘model’ for Domestic Violence and Batterer Intervention (KS Attorney General, Victims’ Rights)’ is one in the same as the “Kansas Family Peace Initiatives” (FPI) founded entirely by one person with his private business attached to it. The FPI claims an astonishing “81% success rate” in their Batterer Intervention Program and they simply state: “our success rate has been verified by private sources retained by FPI.”

     Therefore, we are to take the ‘word’ of the Family Peace Initiative’s own agenda, and platform. An individual, not a group, but a business, in that “they” claim is so successful, although no objective data or empirical research can be found to verify this, even though it would be the only Batterer Intervention Program in the Nation, to claim an “81 percent success rate,” when the rest of the Nation shows none. This gives rise to a whole other set of ethical issues and questions.  In that, from the Family Peace Initiative website, (www.FamilyPeaceInitiative.com) “they” now offer --“paid for” expert testimony, “paid for“ expert training, to which the “husband and wife”  team are currently booking ‘training's’ throughout  Kansas and Texas at $300.00 per person with a thirty person cap per class.  This, is in addition to the money earned not only from Federal and State grants, funding for the program its self,but also from the public and the clients/perpetrators who are court ordered to attend.

       However, since the Judiciary and Criminal Justice system have failed and continues to fail victims of domestic violence, the Batterers Intervention Program is all that ‘victims’ receive in the way of any type of validation and nothing remotely close to justice. It is also another way to keep ‘eyes on’ the batterer, in alleged protections of the victim, for those very failures. Imagine what should be a prosecution and incarceration of a severe person crime, that now has moved to “treating the batterers” and not the victim.

     In conclusion, with the overwhelming research readily available nationally, it is more than clear that Batterer Intervention Programs have had ‘minimal at best’ to ‘absolutely no effect’ at all, on reducing violence against women. It is clear from reviewing other perpetrator/victim crimes that prosecution alone is the single strongest deterrent in reducing violence against women. So this begs the question, “Why are we funding yet another wasted program where we “think” we should “treat” a perpetrator versus “prosecute”? And, further harms incurred by sending out a false sense of security from the Judges, to the public, and the victims - by what is essentially, further silencing victims of domestic violence by “treating” the criminal as if it were a disease.

   Batter Intervention Programs do not decrease domestic violence. Yet there continues to be an increase in the use of ‘batterer intervention programs”. I believe this program needs to be tabled and other sources sought out and implemented to decrease domestic violence.

Further reading:

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Dombrowski et el V. U.S.A, 2007 -- PETITION # 664-07 International Commission Human Rights (IACHR)

This case is still pending at the IACHR. We expect a ruling any day. The last that we heard the commission had asked for more information from the petitioners that request can be seen Follow up request from the commission 2013. I supplied the requested information of my part in February 2013. I have also started a file that can be viewed here related to the IACHR.

Since the information is no longer available via the stop family violence website,  a reconstruction of that site is here.


Full Text of IACHR Petition. On May 11,2007, just before Mother’s Day weekend, ten mothers, one victimized child, now an adult, leading national and state organizations filed a complaint against the United States with the Inter American Commission on Human Rights. Their petition claims that U.S. courts, by frequently awarding child custody to abusers and child molesters, has failed to protect the life, liberties, security and other human rights of abused mothers and their children.

2007 May 11 IACHR Entire PETITION Mother's File International Lawsuit
Dombrowski et el V. U.S.A, 2007
International Commission Human Rights


Failures of U.S. Courts Forces Mothers to Turn to International Law - See more at: http://americanmotherspoliticalparty.org/ampp-article-library-family-court-custody-abuse-dv/8-news-action-alerts-press-release/46-failures-of-us-courts-forces-mothers-to-turn-to-international-law#sthash.mPqmwjGP.dpuf

Full Text of IACHR Petition. On May 11, 2007 - Just before Mother’s Day weekend, ten mothers, one victimize... by AnotherAnonymom

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Dreams Every Mother Has Them - To the Mothers - whose painful hearts, I hear.

Dreams Every Mother Has Them

My heart hurts for you all. I am a mom I know the pain. I know there are no answers and I encourage you to to seek every avenue every idea, any group for knowledge, ideas and for peace.

I am going to make this one statement then be through with it, not us the moms of course, but the juvenile petty-ness of it.

I am over the post that Lundy did, I admit, like most all of you -- in fact I can say all the moms who live every day in agony, torment and walk the battlefields of the dead trying to help just one other bc the pain we have endured is beyond comprehension, that simple we have to try to help just one -- just one not endure what we have.

That has been my whole mantra all these years. Because of the brutality of my own situation, the continued brutality and the fact that I have lost everything -- my daughter, my sometimes hope, my fear that my daughters -- daughters will endure what I have - what we have.
That is why I so honestly put forth my case -- the good the bad, the ugly, the hope,the humility in the hopes to help another. All the media I did -- I did for my daughter -- but as example as well for others to show a way to shine in the deepest and darkest of pits.

Years ago -- after the 2005 PBS Documentary Breaking the Silence -- I found my mission. I did not need to see my daughter, hold my daughter I needed to change the world. I love her that much. (even more)

I shared my loss my pain my ideas, my fight or flight, my tears and in turn the mothers like I became my family. My mother died 4 years ago -- I wished that I too had, as then it became even more brutal. and with that I shared it all.
I do not want fame I do not want glory -- I want what every other mother wants -- to not be forgotten, for when I am gone that my voice to shall be carried, All mothers even those who lash out at me are mothers who voices I carry. to me they are as much as we and the dead casualties of the war. I would gladly have my child and be quiet.  Who doesn't right?

In 2005 I formed a support group that is still going strong with over 400 mothers, a direct result of the breaking the silence documentary. I have not been able to add more as in the past 4 years as I said my health has deteriorated. I had to find another way for the mothers to carry forward with the utmost of open minds, with safety common sense.. all I did I had hoped and I  know has been example. The good and the bad.

So awareness, inundation became my goal. Get the info out to every one not just the advocate the moms but to the public to legislatures to EVERYONE!!

Rule of thumb -- Never leave any mother behind. When she falls (either through death or pain and finally does lose it -- she is a casualty of the war) This is what Mo was trying to say I believe to Barry about a mother who took her hurt out on him. Do not further diminish her, pick her up and keep walking -- This is why I always use the marine motto, Semper Fi - leave no mom behind. As I would hope to be carried as well.

I have broad shoulders so for many years I did this for other moms-- I carried the repercussions for them as if I was them because I am. The MAIN difference -- I have nothing left to lose. Nothing. So I can do, and be the person any one wants, to use for protection or as barrier.

Look, I know Lundy has done very awesome writings that have helped so many -- and again the rule of thumb is if it helps USE IT!! One is not dependent upon the other. Like my dear mom would say -- Take what you need, leave the rest. Never judge another mom her pain, her actions, and never actively set out to hurt her.
As Phyllis Chesler has written. Woman's inhumanity to women. Read her books. Read all you can!! Take what you need leave the rest.

And whew The liz library would really hurt feelings, but Change is what our goal is.

When the issues started  4 years ago JL, PMA, -- I, we, many tried to break through on behalf of the mothers who came to us with disturbing information. Perhaps it was nativity.
I know that Susan Murphy Milano and I tried so hard via radio to assist Janice in refocusing on the main mission. We did blogs we did radio ( and this was all  during the time that we were at war per JL).

I never, brought her name forward even with all the other moms who were hurt by her as we were able to intervene with these moms safely.

But, when so many mothers got caught up in the Bill Windsor scam I to on behalf of those mothers who could not -- publicly got our story out - to balance the others - fathers, abusers.
My current active agenda is to assist others and many others who have been saved by the joeyisalittlekid blog mothers who went along with hating mothers whilst in the cult. Important thing is they are out. Now we have even more actively being targeted by actions -- not words that are of the utmost dangerous.

You see, I can no longer be hurt any more. Not really - although my heart breaks daily. Mothers still litigating have everything to lose. My mother also said to me. Do whatever you have to do to see her, because when that is gone - its gone. The final, that is then -- the end.

Such pain in seeing her supervised for so many years (all those years ago) -- such wrong messages sent to her -- but she was so young. To each mother: Only she knows her children her case best -- every decision she makes is the right one for her and her children at that time. It makes me- or others use of my name to confront these horrible situations -- for those moms who want and need to fight back but MUST be safe.

In January, things started getting really bad thanks to psycho fatt ass windsor. I and so many others were busting butt trying to do damage control on all the mothers he published.

Finally, I had to take a stand for the protection of mothers and warn them that this was definitely NOT the road to continue to pursue, (although we had to give it a try!) Assisting by quietly do nothing if you are still in the youtubes those who were already marked - desperately trying to secure their safety and psych and protect as best as we could after the devastation.

We all know that.

I never absolutely never publicly warned about Janice until she actively started to work with Bill in doing just that. Hunting moms down,  personal info published homes, children, work, addresses, family, seeking the abusive ex for more ammo -- abusive court whores.

I could not even begin to imagine the complete shut down immobilizing fear of that -- along with the custody litigation with my child. So yes, I took as front point as I could 1st with my public statement in january.

William M Windsor - American Terrorist. Endangering Domestic Violence Victims and Survivors

In the hopes that he would stop publishing DV survivors and abused children.

What happened was some time thereafter Janice began to assist him in doing what we all knew Bill was doing. hurting mothers. Over and over again we tried to guide her intentions. But like the media Susan Murphy Milano I did a few years ago -- it was just not seen.

I had no choice when the two of them really began to hurt moms. When Mothers safety were compromised, I HAD to let it be known because lives were at risk and they still are. This is PRIORITY. Saving lives to save our children. Example - could you imagine the Stalking of Windsor on me with the assistance of janice if I were in custody litigation?? That is the situation with most all mothers.

To all the hurt, confused mothers who think sides must be taken -- they do not. There is no side except safety, and one goal. I have nothing more to say about PMA and JL other than to USE CAUTION!! Until or unless a time should come when I can safely say otherwise.

Please moms, with your beaten hearts, know that you never have to choose - I am always always with you... all. Those who lash out at me, those who feel they must separate -- they know I am here. I do not judge. I pray that mothers will gain a foothold up -- and by god do whatever you can to get there. Just (and I know the really beaten moms know this) never damn another mother, most certainly do not try to further hurt her. And should the day that PMA and or Janice become a safe harbor I will support that. Always my goal is the moms. I guess I am simple minded like that.

So I hope that this eases your weary hearts. No more drama - but live by a code. Which you all do. And even those who name - names, and talk smack on moms, protect yourself by all means but eventually they too will learn. Just like Lawless America followers -- so many who did not jump off that cliff.

I hope this eases your minds. Several have reached out - I feel your pain. Its ok. You are ok. And nothing has been damaged, only stronger.

Hope this made sense- hope this sets everyone back up moving in what they do best and those who wish to stay in that dark place can do so without my assistance, as we still have to change the world. we still must carry all those who have fallen will fall -- we have to make a difference.

So with that, let JL and others do or say what they may perhaps by our example she to will get it and really jump in and start changing the world for so many. I know many mothers who would assist her at any time.

So Janice, although I do not forgive you for the pain you have caused others, and the affidavit you gave windsor on my local court. I do have hope that perhaps you too will see that we can benefit with you in our movement -- the mothers. We do not have to like each other or anyone for that matter -- but appreciate what they have contributed. e.g. Such as Lundys earlier books. they are the bomb. ( I won't delve past that) :-)

Janice you really are in a position to help, I just wish that the structure of your groups were not so rigid. Dangerous to moms, I wish that some one could explain to you in a way you would accept as to why it is dangerous. I ask you to ask yourself, How can I make it better. For the Brass Ring - the ultimate goal. maybe? -- or not maybe some day.

Know that pain by others may/will be voiced, do not take it personal - it hurts. But the pain of the mother who like me is a pain that all other pains can be overcome for the cause.

On the AMPP Facebook Page, I want to thank the admins for continuing to put out such great resources, thank you for so that perhaps -- that maybe just one - one other, can endure less.

I am on the road to recovery - again. But Bills little whatever and all the rest are not significant to the grand picture -- unless like I -- you are still trying to help others from his relentless torture.
Call for safety and our ability to survive, mostly intact his damage to the cause, we as mothers are united in.
I love you all


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Announcement for all Protective Mothers

Announcement for all Protective Mothers

Due to recent revelations by Janice Levinson and Lundy Bancroft of Protective Mother's Alliance, as a contributor to this blog, I hereby denounce JL, LB and PMA. I do not support either of them, the organization with which they are affiliated, and in fact do believe by Levinson's recent actions that both are needlessly and shamelessly throwing TRUE victims of horrendous abuse under the proverbial bus. If you decide to align with either Levinson or Bancroft, please do so with caution.





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Reply to Lundy Bancroft - Change is here, Lead, Follow or get out of the way. Human Rights


Thank you Lundy!. We love and support you back! XO
Defending A Women's Rights Activist Who Is Under Attack 
(such a good kiss ass and good little oppressor)
 Really? so you say it - it must be true - BW? Oh its Lundy -- he finally speaks. Is it something in the water? whats up with all this - "cuz I think it -- it is?" mentality. The sheep-ple are not sedated anymore.

A Leader you claim in the movement. A LEADER? really....



What do I know?? I know that change is guaranteed, I know that today's will become yesterday I know that the way we have been doing things -- is not working. Do I know how?? absolutely not

What I do know is that I know in my heart what is NOT the right way. I do know that in my lifetime I shall never see the safety of my child's and her children s generation. I know that only the children will change the world, what I do not know is will they survive to do so

Mothers battered children trafficked the industry of abuse is mammoth.
I know that what once was, no longer is. I know that at one point the DV orgs were an asset, now there time has come and gone.

I know that NOW was at one time needed gave voice, but now is no longer needed and like so many other -- what was good then orgs, ideas, fall into the mammoth system that simply went from NOT assisting to in fact hurting the original reason for their formation.

NOW was for women-- women became lost in the rights advocated for by others, race, gay in 1996 when Nicole Brown was brutally murdered her children taken by the abuser, NOW elected to take the race card, not the dead mother. to this day NOW defends for the rights of others at the cost to the human rights of mothers-- women.

DV orgs, awareness?? seriously?? They need to be dismantled and a new what is needed now-- begun.

VAWA does NOT help in fact in order to get it the dv orgs must accept with provisions. Healthy marriage, fatherhood and more of the same. The grander picture is the damage done to the so called original goal.
Mothers are being slaughtered, massacred it is a federally funded genocide.
But because the propaganda like that of Nazi Germany, the smoke screen of the at hand immediate is all that is seen.

Who doesn't want fathers? no one. who doesn't want killer dads taking children-- the same children that will change our future. sadly it appears, only the mothers of those children. Those whose human rights have been stripped,
the mind screw, the hidden agenda behind any org. Rights. Dads, Family grandparents - we are all for it. but damn the woman who dare be for mothers at the most basic level of simple human rights to be free from torture, to be able to speak, to not be condemned.

Even this is changing, it is not like it was when I fell into the unbelievable, the oh my god, and the public's image of 'that woman' who lost her child.

Things change

Lundy Bancroft was like the only source for moms like me. the criminal injustices to myself and my daughter it made no sense, Bancroft gave validation, why does he do that, the batterer as parent, it was all we had. we (the mothers) terrified, ordered by the courts via the abuser and the new found court whores to remain silent, to take the beatings to take blame for everything and even things that did not happen.

Things change -- now Bancroft notable beginnings drown in the boat loads of valid research empirical data, yay! 2006 Leadership council denounces pas THAT is stuff moms can work with! and are.
What has changed? nothing, it has only gotten worse, that the now trained public perception of oh my god abusers getting custody to What is wrong with that? Like it has always been

I lost my child. Who helped me? No one. Did Bancroft help? no. Did NOW help? no Did DV orgs help? no.
Who did help?? MOTHERS. Mothers like myself, living in fear, jumping through impossible hoops to just Hold our chil;d again to just hold safely our only mission, our children.

I have witnessed so much through this past two decades, a morphing of the same players, a name change of the same self made for profit abuses. and sadly a accepted norm from society to Why yes a father is a good woman in fact in the  face of the valid research the constant feeding of it is true even though it is not just became true.

Who has made any change although minimal. the MOTHERS the silenced tortured mothers.
What has Lundy done??

Lundy is a psych. and we all now are beginning to learn the damages done by the psych industry.

Lundy as a psych elected to be paid by the county to TREAT batterers, E.G. Batterers Intervention, alternative to Battering, we all know that -- Non remedy but ‘feel good guaranteed creation of roles and groups that do not need to exist.

Ok so back to Lundy and his job of teaching batterer intervention groups. He began to notice a pattern, with the abusers, the hatred, the use of the mothers children, hence, Lundys books.
at that time amazing!!

Then he published more books, does speaking, became our voice, the voice of the beaten, trembling, terrified battered mother. thank you

we begin to meet at BMCC --- then more then more. what has changed? what has happened.?
More mothers are finding voice and support not by Lundy but through other mothers.
Lundy has never helped the battered mother except through his own profit of their abuses the books speaking retreats... toi this day his entire and only merit is profit off the sufferings of mothers.
But we moms do not care we will sell our souls, denounce anyone for a hope of getting our children back, just a hope, is all we need.

There is no legal venue or resources through Lundy or PMA, any time a mother asks for his expert assistance or resources for legal the mothers are quickly shut out ignored. there is nothing there but a fee to join a demand for court records, for his personal use in writing more books, plays doing more speaking, his expert and leadership makes him the typical god. because I say so. still has he or PMA helped any mother?

Who has?
Mothers with the assistance of hundreds of others who were in position to witness the atrocities. Some truly do care and willingly freely and with steadfast respect to -- the mothers.
Barry Goldstein is one such person.

He has tried he continues to assist he knows that we - Mothers need strategy, legal representation, he steadfastly goes with the flow, like others. But Barry knows it is the Mothers not the control of mothers.

I at the end of my journey wanted to give one last contribution to the cause the movement.
Not that I haven't given everything, my life my family, my entire everything, but because I want to give something that can be used to further the basic human rights of mothers

I created AMPP.  As my last contribution to the future. My health dictates it, and to the end my goal is mothers human rights to life.   I actually am NOT active and most moms I do not know new horrors another generation-- but will support as a whole all mothers as mothers alone are humanity's only hope.  I did so as a Barrier site and hopeful day political party. Or whatever the mothers decided was needed. They are the change they are the power, not I, not Lundy not any one thing and mostly the cure is yet to be found. But I can write this gobbledygook letter with extreme difficulty and say that I am proud of the mothers, my generations sacrifice the new generations actions to speak out.

Obviously, Pretty powerful stuff to be so effective and cause such attention and I am not  even there, past tweeting social media mobile technology.I have no idea what the whos are the news are only that its the same its bad it worst is deadly.  But the Mothers created what they need and they have done well!!
As much as many think that I am that  good. that creative. I am not. I can barely type these days,Brain damage from the beatings now takes hold, old age heart... stroke...

But to empower others is awesome.  To help pave the path to be able to say it was not al in vain, hopefully.
As I recall the years I was advocating senate lawmakers my AG my DV orgs -- who are you with?? was always the question?
Well, God forbid I say I am a battered mom, so I would say anything. Stop Family Violence, or any one or good thing that exposed the reality so that I could further change thinking ion the loacl, state and federal levels.

In  the creation of AMPP it is that Who are you with?  well sir, I am not with PMA They have no legislation or strategy for me to push in your direction -- (but as a whole could be utilized in support) But not on its own.

OK so now we have a huge amount of data research facts papers journals mental, I mean its there now..
it was not for myself 19 years ago. it was just a 1996 presidential task force report that is still cited to this day Batterers are 70% more likely to fight for custody.

replaced with the batterer  pedophile must be supported, treated, given access. and damn that mother who is freaking out terrified, she is bad, she is irrational, she she she..... is always at fault for his actions and she is big money in a new and now totally accepted industry of creating mothers out of fathers of profiting for the worst of criminals, the violent fathers, the prison dads the batters the damn welfare mom now replaced by welfare dad, lawyers food, housing legal, success measured by the custody they get.
success. see dads are better.

The facts stay hidden under the social propaganda. The dead moms the dead kids via the 1995 Executive Order signed by Clinton the Fatherhood initiatives. which has permeated every child welfare, advocacy, treatment, access, we can train him to not kill.

Again, what has Lundy done? well he regularly he does his ‘retreats’ profit-- his speaking engagements, profit - his CEUs, profit -has this helped Mothers? no. who then benefits? well Lundy does.

Ok so hey I am all into moms doing absolutely anything everything and creating what is not there-- because MOM - WE are the only change. So yay another group endorsed by Lundy our hero because we moms have been terrified silenced for decades thank you our savior!!

still what has been done?
Mothers is what

Mothers have learned to think for their selves, act, research and use what ever legislative agenda to get there foot in the door to even bring our issues voice. Lundy have you done any active lobbying for change? could it be that again what once was a good thing became stagnant and to the point of determination for whop what the original cause was?

Mothers oh my god speaking out for themselves - learning that they and they alone with out your leadership?(you say? in profiting from our pain--leadership??

You mean your comfort zone of profit is at risk. change may happen legislation may happen as long as you and others like you - although I think you pretty much own the corner on this.

Four years ago... Janice began to threaten moms, demanded that any association with any other group or entity was not allowed. moms of course will do anything for her children and I say do it... but i am always here to support you.
I am not a group, I am a mother. Mothers seeking searching being held down by-- Mothers must share mothers must triple shine mothers domestic violence silence fear control..
whos? yours? Janice?? seriously? why? so narrow minded why feed on the fear and then of course use that fear against them dare they think for themselves.

In all these years Lundy stays quiet. quietly profiting off his work of the sufferings of battered mothers and her children. Never does he take a stand with anything that would HELP legally politically,

Then the one time he does, he choose to do the unthinkable-- public damnation of a battered mother. You did not hurt me Lundy, you hurt so many mothers who feel like you beat them the worst.
you were behind the scenes told by countless mothers the issues with Janice -- you ignored them. When moms dared to speak out they were admonished, then AMPP became the barrier for there voice.

Their voice is what's important, their pain, there knowledge, there thought, ideas and DIVERSITY is what will free us from the chains that Groups like you, associates of mother haters, blackmailing mothers,and glory creating positions of what? another position another expert another These are my rules You will do as I say.

The mothers this past four years found strength in using AMPP for voice right or wrong I will never admonish a mother's pain. I will not dictate or control we need a movement  a same goal but hundred of different ways, styles we need representation we need our basic human rights acknowledged and we need to to heal or validate through safety, inner independence our own growth our own way MOTHERS are the movement We are many only we are that change-- sadly we are also that profit..
to you too Old stagnant orgs and ides.

Lead follow or get out of the way but do not hold us down. empower us to create legislative change to use the info you published about us to assist in that change.
We do not as a whole need to just silence prayer and the bullshit of it will all be ok.. it is only getting worst.

Much worst

as my goal in the creation of AMPP appears to have met its goal -- I am no longer a part of any one thing, but it carries others on. Political standing is the one day goal but as long as people like you and Janice create chains to bind that growth and freedom it will serve however the MOTHERs determine it to serve. as voice, as legislative as strength.

No more fear, mothers are fighting back, you should be helping them, janice should be helping them not actually participating in the creation of hate sites, court activities and releasing of all that information to a mad man.
the male version of janice -

My group only, you can not associate with anyone else, you must not think for yourselves. I have all the answers I am your messiah. Janice in 2010


As I and others deal with the madman lunatics use of the same, court litigation, projection and gas lighting victims... whilst Janice finds her other half. join forces to hurt destroy not for mothers but for self to actively talk shit on many mothers many good heart-ed people -- you stand by do nothing.

Then ms. Janice gets caught via Bills affidavit in local courts here OMG she freaks her “I am so sweet would never do such a thing”  is out-- she calls you and bam, You post finally something you have not sold yet but perhaps a hold that you are losing the further sufferings of mothers.

Pretty damn good in my opinion that I do not have to do a thing to still be blamed and as always I have actively shielded mothers, and will continue as I have nothing to lose. So use me however you can? I and AMPP stands behind and in support of the MOTHERS. their creation their ideas and real change

Change must be close to invoke such insanity from the fear mongers and control people to come out showing such sad there true colors. You are no leader Lundy, You and I are simply a part of this blip in life, some serve others, others serve themselves. The real leaders are the mothers, they and the silent voices they carry.

Its out with the old in with the new and dammit what we are doing is not working. The moms know this they are the change and with strategy, political and legal. Now moving because of the strength of mothers coming out -- then the movement must to change to support and foster that growth.
eg. Barry strategy Representing the DV victim, BMCC learning to lobby... you see old is not good it is oppressive.

Evan Stark the Domestic violence revolution stalled  its human rights issue his model can be utilized with so many others in the forming of the MOTHERS, the mothers support, activism, lobbying legislating.

If you want to help assist the MOTHER with tools to actively promote change. I used to ask throughout the years, Barry you, and others how to bring forth convincing solid and preparation for rebuttal.
But I did this on my own, I created a org of what ever served the purpose for what my goal was... cps family, judicial, federal funding

Anyways this is my last post I am glad  I am able to write as i struggle daily just to simple task let alone being so damn awesome to evoke such hatred from so many and that is justice.  I am glad that so many men and women have surpassed and are creating, defending and thinking for self.

I did not think I would live to see that but I have and finally I do have hope again for a very bleak future.

Ok so obviously in closing MOTHERS and fathers families are creating the human rights change, I am not needed  and neither are you. thank god as my time to has come and passed.

Mothers you are the power, you are the courage, you are the voice, for those past you carry all those voices who have been silenced and you walk forward with the end goal the same. You carry all the answers within. Always we have, flow with it.

I thank you and may you always continue to speak out speak loud speak strong and KNOW that it is YOU the MOTHERS who are important to the movement no one or entity can change this only the mothers and fathers who see the human rights violations and see the big picture will be effective.


Claudine Dombrowski