Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Auld Lang Syne" Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind ?

Mothers Are Vanishing – humanity is at a critical threshold, teetering on the balance of survival or destruction. We - alone or together can and will be the answer. as we bring in the new year. Know that this may be the beginning—or the end.

May your heart be full of love – your conscious clear. Let ‘truth, self respect and dignity’ be your guide and "Auld Lang Syne"

Happy New Year!


Claudine Dombrowski (mother of Rikki Dombrowski)

A Battered Mother Survives


Below you will find the lyrics for this traditional favorite in the English Translation (minimalist). I included a few interesting facts concerning this wonderful old song. I hope knowing the words to "Auld Lang Syne" in advance of the festivities, will help you to enjoy your New Year celebration even more.

- "Auld Lang Syne" is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song." It's often sung to celebrate the start of the New Year, generally at the stroke of midnight.

- "Guy Lombardo is often credited with popularizing the use of the song at New Year’s celebrations in America, through his annual broadcasts on radio and television, beginning in 1929. The song became his trademark."

"Same Auld Lang Syne"

   As another year comes to a close, we are reminded of the many major events that have taken place in the world and in our lives; wars and fighting, new territories conquered, great heroes and heroines that we have lost, new friends we have made, babies that have born into our families- our children stolen by pedophiles and abusers, Friends and relatives that have passed on through this world and into their eternal destiny. (Betty Gail sales –Stumpf)

There have been good times and not so good times, but those are the building blocks that construct and build the multi-levels and form the layers of our lives. Memories created and forever etched in our minds, hearts thoughts and lives; this is the stuff that life is made up of, so we take the good and the bad and make the best of it, choosing to highlight the good and joyful times.

   The new year is rapidly approaching and as such, we plan our traditional New year's Eve parties. Bringing in the new year with good food, music, prayer, hugging and kissing; grateful and thankful to be in good company during this special time as we usher in a fresh new year full of possibilities and potential.

   Countdown to the new year begins at 10 seconds before midnight, then as the clock strikes 12:00, it's time to share your rendition of the classic traditional song, "Auld Lang Syne".

The only problem that can exist now is the possibility that you might not know or remember all the lyrics or words to the song, since it's not a tune that is sung on a regular basis throughout the year. The lyrics (words) to this traditional classic are as follows:

"Auld Lang Syne" English Translation (minimalist)

Should old acquaintance be forgot,

and never brought to mind ?

Should old acquaintance be forgot,

and old lang syne ?



For auld lang syne, my dear,

for auld lang syne,

we'll take a cup of kindness yet,

for auld lang syne.


And surely you’ll buy your pint cup !

and surely I’ll buy mine !

And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,

for auld lang syne.



We two have run about the slopes,

and picked the daisies fine ;

But we’ve wandered many a weary foot,

since auld lang syne.



We two have paddled in the stream,

from morning sun till dine† ;

But seas between us broad have roared

since auld lang syne.



And there’s a hand my trusty friend !

And give us a hand o’ thine !

And we’ll take a right good-will draught,

for auld lang syne.




Tuesday, December 6, 2011

From Tragedy To Action: The National Release of "Jana’s Story". Jana Mackey Kansas University Student & NOW Lobbyist Who Was Brutally Murdered In An Act of Domestic Violence....

The video "Jana's Story" is now available. Please see the link below.

This powerful video is about the dramatic impact of domestic violence. Most importantly, however, this short film is about hope, inspiration, and encouragement for others to take action. Today, Jana's light shines brighter than ever. VIEW IT. SHARE IT. and LIVE IT by taking action and making a difference.



National Release of "Jana’s Story" Video Set For December 6th

On December 6, 2011, Jana's Campaign will release its long anticipated video "Jana’s Story".  This powerful video brings to light the dramatic impact of domestic violence.  The story of Jana’s life and death are illustrated in the hopes of encouraging others to take action.  See the video at VIEW IT. Witness the powerful story of Jana’s life.  SHARE IT.  Help us tell Jana’s story and spread the word.  LIVE IT.  Take action and make a difference.

The timing of this video release has been scheduled to coincide with The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence.  This campaign begins on November 25, the International Day Against Violence Against Women, and ends on December 10, International Human Rights Day. 

These dates symbolically link violence against women and human rights, and emphasize that such violence is a human rights violation.  Since 1991, this annual campaign has mobilized more than 3,700 organizations in 164 countries to raise awareness about the multiple forms of violence women face.  The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is hosted and sponsored by the Center for Women's Global Leadership at Rutgers University.

Jana’s Campaign would like to thank all those who have made this video production possible. 

Jana's Campaign

Friday, October 28, 2011

Topeka Legal System Fails Abused Women - Due to Budget Cuts

An article that was shared with me last night. "the city has pledged to help him seek additional funding." This has NOT happened. In fact the District Attorney is being forced to now lay off 17% of his staff due to inadequate funding. So does anyone really think that those lil ol misdemeanor domestic violence cases will ever find there way to court?- That is until after she is dead and it becomes a murder or 'typically' accidental drowning in dry bathtub or she ran off with another guy, or she killed herself.
WOMEN!!!! Do an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit NOW!! It may save you live and if you are killed it will at least help Prevent the killer from 'getting away with it' as I know he said he would.
This is a good article, even when the system was 'working'- it wasn't. The truth is, Victims rarely if ever find justice in the system, I know this first hand. Even as severe as my case for years was, even though I barely survived. The Batterer still walks the streets of Topeka, I live under the ACP, Safe at Home Program.

Sign the Petition it goes straight to their emails. Topeka, KS: Domestic Violence Prosecutions Need Funded Now!!  The Shawnee County Commission needs to make the ‘Safety’ of Domestic Violence Victims a ‘priority ‘and get adequate funding in place for the prosecution of Domestic Violence case's and seek Justice for Victims.


Legal System Fails Abused Women

Victims of domestic violence rarely find justice in the courts

alternative methods should be pursued

October 20, 2011|By Leigh Goodmark
After learning that Topeka, Kan., District Attorney Chad Taylor planned to stop prosecuting misdemeanor domestic violence cases in response to county budget cuts, the Topeka City Council this month repealed its misdemeanor domestic violence statute — effectively decriminalizing some domestic violence offenses in Topeka. Abuse survivor Claudine Dombrowski responded to the city's action by hurling a pair of dice at the City Council, arguing that they were rolling the dice with women's lives.
Relying on the criminal justice system to keep women safe from domestic violence may, however, be an even bigger gamble.
The decision to decriminalize domestic violence in response to budgetary shortfalls sends a horrible message to women subjected to abuse — that the state is not particularly concerned about their safety or the punishment of their abusers. It is hardly surprising that women like Ms. Dombrowski are outraged at the state's seeming callousness toward their plight. In response to the public outcry, Mr. Taylor has since announced that he will resume prosecution; the city has pledged to help him seek additional funding. But this incident provides us with an opportunity to think about how well the legal response to domestic violence is achieving its goals of keeping women safe and holding men who abuse accountable for their actions.
Despite the dedication of millions of federal dollars to police, prosecutors and judges since the passage of the Violence Against Women Act in 1994, rates of domestic violence in the United States have not appreciably declined, instead keeping pace with decreases in the crime rate generally. Studies suggest that relatively few women report domestic violence to police; that most of those arrested for domestic violence are not convicted; and that when abusers are convicted, jail time is rare and minimal. 

Sociologist Evan Stark author of Coercive Control has argued that the odds of serving jail time for domestic violence are only slightly better than the odds of winning the lottery.
There is no proof that prosecution deters abusers. The story of Dixie Shanahan illustrates the failure of the criminal justice system to deter abusive behavior. Residents of Defiance, Iowa, were aware that Scott Shanahan regularly and brutally abused his wife. Mr. Shanahan was convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence after punching Ms. Shanahan, and he served two days in jail. Undeterred, three months later, Mr. Shanahan was convicted of another assault and served four days in jail. After his release, Scott Shanahan redoubled his abuse — so much so, that when he was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence, Dixie Shanahan fled rather than testify against him. His abuse did not end until Dixie Shanahan fatally shot her husband to prevent him from killing her and their unborn child. She is serving a sentence of 10 years to life in prison.
The criminal justice system undoubtedly meets the needs of some women; successful prosecutions do happen. Some abusers are sent to jail, and some stop their abuse, particularly when they are closely monitored following their release. But for women, the costs of engagement with the criminal justice system can be high: exposure to increased danger at the hands of abusers and, more problematic, the potential for violence from the state. Women who express reluctance to testify against their abusers are sometimes threatened with arrest if they fail to participate in prosecution; some are even told that the state will remove their children if they fail to appear for trial. Some women of color are understandably reluctant to increase the reach of the criminal justice system into their families and communities. Undocumented immigrant women who reach out to the criminal justice system for assistance have sometimes found themselves targeted for deportation instead.
Criminal justice system reform could solve some of these problems. But the time has come to broaden our thinking about how best to address domestic violence. For too long, the legal system has been the default response to domestic violence in the United States. Such a narrowly crafted response denies justice to women who are unable or unwilling to engage that system. Criminal prosecution cannot heal the injuries that some women experience. A small but growing voice is coalescing around the idea that criminal justice intervention is not the best way to prevent and respond to domestic violence.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shawnee County Commissioners: Shelley Buhler, Ted Ensley, Mary Thomas- Refuse to fund Domestic Violence Cases but prioritize golf course irrigation and personal profitable interests. A Special Interest Group-only.

Who is overseeing you? The Shawnee County Commissioners - Shelly? Ted? and Mary?
We need an audit into these 3 people who control all the funding in Topeka,Shawnee County, KS. Imagine, three people who have the qualifications of a high school graduate, controlling all the money in the county without any oversight without any accountability but with plenty of personal vested interest with the ‘departments’ they fund—or defund. e.g  Golf course irrigation contract approved

But when these three Gestapo ‘puppet’ Nazi’s do not get their way when they bully and screw the local tax payer, the citizens of Topeka and Shawnee county, what they do?
“Well they whine and cry of course.” Check out today's latest whine. Commissioners turn to AG, citing 'no faith' in DA inquiry
Shawnee County Commissioners Contact information:

Shelley Buhler aka ‘Michelle Buhler” Shelly Buhler | Facebook
Michele A Buhler
(785) 584-6617
503 W Maple Ct
Rossville, KS 66533-9783
Husband, Stephen R Buhler and Son, Mitchell Buhler
Mary Thomas--- best friend to Vic Millers ex wife-(give’s new meaning to ‘keeping it in the family)
3511 SE Tomahawk Ct
Topeka, KS 66605-3133
Age: 50-54
Associated: Larry J Thomas, Dana Thomas
Ted Ensley(, Vice Chair
District 3
Ted Ensely aka ‘Theodore D. Ensley’ better known for his ‘county funded’ Ensley Gardens
    Ted D Ensley (Democrat)
    (785) 478-2030
    2500 SW Rother Rd
    Topeka, KS 66614-4746
    Age: 65+
    Associated: Elna N Ensley
    Theodore D Ensley
Now, I ask, how in the hell can these three people wield so much power with out any transparency, accountability or oversight?
Final Budget for 2012 County budget line items indicated:
  • 27 budgets were cut,
  • 18 were increased and
  • 9 were unchanged.
I will find which is what. (If I can, the very last thing I wanted was to delve into local politics) We all already know that the Criminal, Justice, District Attorney and even the county Morgue were ‘cut’.
We have been able to ascertain that the golf course, the parks and recreation, the Ensley gardens, Public library, Expo Center were not, and some in fact increased.
We, just want you to know, Shelly, Ted and Mary, that we are calling you out. We demand that you and your commission be investigated. We are tired of your lack of prioritizing when it comes to public safety and we will not tolerate it any more.
The Community, the Victims and the Survivors are behind only one person in all this mess. Chad Taylor, the District attorney. The Topeka City Council sold us out when they ‘decriminalized domestic violence’, the Commissioners started the sell out with cuts to DA – only to have Vic Miller resign same day to take a judge position with the city. Now the Commission continues to throw tantrums?
Their is much more going on with the City Interim Manager, City Council and the Shawnee County Commission, and it stinks.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Topeka, No money for Domestic Violence but millions for Golf Course’s

The District Attorney only needed a pitiless 350K (that was cut) to be able to continue to ‘on a shoe string’ to prosecute Domestic Violence cases. So now these are the real priorities, now that the national media is dying down. It’s back on to the good ole boys business as usual and ‘how we can help ourselves, our personal agenda- now that we got rid of those annoying Domestic Violence Victims/Survivors and Advocates.. …..”

It’s Business as Usual in The Land of OZ- Where the wizard failed to give out any hearts, brains or courage to the City government.

Topeka City Counsel Members have approved a one million dollar heath care for its City employee’s this week. (just among some other non ‘public safety’ spending spree.)
But they can NOT afford to prosecute Domestic Violence cases? WTF? They ‘decriminalize domestic violence’ to save money for non ‘public safety’ issues. I mean Crime is at an all time high in Topeka, Ks. I Guess Topeka Citizens safety is JUST NOT important. The Topeka County Commissioners (the ones who Cut the District Attorney’s Budget to prosecute Domestic Violence Case’s) is to approve a golf course irrigation system with total debt service estimated at nearly $1.4 million.
But no one thinks that 350K for Domestic violence prosecutions is important. At least not in Topeka, KS. What’s that matter with Topeka? There is not enough public outrage-
    • The Commissioners Cut Funding for DV Prosecutions
    • The City ‘Decriminalizes Domestic Violence’-(so they do not have to pay for it)
TOPEKA, KANSAS pure and simple does not give a shit about Victims of Domestic Violence. It is business as usual--- yes, profit business in Topeka. The only city in the Nation to Decriminalize Domestic Violence, and cut funding for Domestic Violence Prosecutions.
I say ladies, grab your guns and girdles- it’s time to take care of yourself and your children, and do an “Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit'” so when you are murdered at least he wont ‘get away with it’ as they say they will and usually do. This is just one of many from Domestic Violence expert and author Susan Murphy Milano’s
The book "Time's Up A Guide on How To Survive and Abusive and Stalking Relationship" is the prescription that every person must obtain before they announce they are leaving. Below is an example from Chapter 4, one of many unique tools provided in the book. It is available, or you can purchase via e-book or on a CD. If you have questions, the email address is:
Chapter 4 featuring the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit contains information that is critical to help victims’ in documenting their experiences and creating a record to insure that instances of abuse are memorialized should they be needed for future use in the
legal system.

Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit by Susan Murphy Milano from the Book "Time's Up" from Courage Network on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Denise Everhart and Claudine Dombrowski Discuss Topeka’s decriminalizing domestic violence

Be Sure to tell your activist network, friends and family to tune to 90.1fm at 3 pm CDT Saturday or listen to live stream at

Join us as Denise Everhart and Claudine Dombrowski discuss the impact on Domestic Violence in Topeka, KS. The Cities Repeal of the Domestic Violence Ban from the city ordinances, the Budget Cuts and what needs to be done at this point to ensure the safety and protection of Victims of Intimate partner homicide in Topeka, Kansas.Council

Denise Everhart,
Topeka City Council

Denise Everhart Topeka City Council woman who voted against the Cities repeal of Domestic Violence within the city limits which was passed October 11, 2011 in a 7-3 vote. Since the DA stopped prosecuting misdemeanor cases on Sept.8 2011 placing them back on the city court, there have been no charges or prosecutions of Domestic Violence crimes as the City Court simply chose to not prosecute believing the DA was the place for these charges to be filed.
Since the Cities repeal of Domestic Violence and the ‘decriminalization’ of it within the city limits, the DA has had to take these case back, however again do to budget cuts and now a 17% lay off at the DA’s office Domestic Violence crimes still will not be prosecuted but ‘reviewed’ by State law, as higher crimes such as felonies will take precedence over misdemeanors.

Claudine Dombrowski could very well be considered a “Wounded Warrior” in the fight against intimate partner violence.  Fighting her personal battle against her abuser for over 16 years, she’s also taken her fight across the nation helping several other battered mothers who have lost custody of their  beloved children to the very person who abused them.

Claudine Dombrowski, Domestic Violence Expert Victims Rights Advocate

In a recent development in her own backyard in Shawnee County, KS, District Attorney Chad Taylor decided to hand over misdemeanor cases, like Claudine Dombrowski’s, to the city, due to funding issues. Dombrowski knew the ones to pay the price for this decision would be those caught in the crosshairs of the abuser’s rage when released, and has taken her outrage to the media.(

Through organizing globally, Claudine Dombrowski, and other battered mothers, have founded American Mothers Political Party to bring attention and educate others.  Through combining their online efforts across the globe,  they are able to link together, not always physically, but by forming groups through the wonders of technology and carrying their message far and wide others.  Through combining their online efforts across the globe,  they are able to link together, not always physically, but by forming groups through the wonders of technology and carrying their message far and wide

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shawnee County Commissioners: Adequately Fund for Prosecution of Domestic Violence Case's in Topeka, KS

Sign Petition here:

Shawnee County Commissioners: Adequately Fund for Prosecution of Domestic Violence Case's in Topeka, KS

Why this is Important

Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas: Domestic Violence Victims Need Justice Now!

The Shawnee County Commission needs to make the ‘Safety’ of Domestic Violence Victims a ‘priority'and get adequate funding in place for the prosecution of Domestic Violence case's and seek Justice for Victims.

1. Shawnee County Commissioners Cut the District Attorney’s office funding by 10%. (After there was a request for an increase due to the high crime rate).

2. Shawnee County District Attorney as a result of the Budget Cuts was forced to place all Misdemeanors including Domestic Violence charges on the City of Topeka Court.

3. The City of Topeka, did not want to pay to do 'Domestic Violence' cases (Although quite capable)

4. The Topeka City Council, City Manager and Mayor then caused a national outrage by 'Decriminalizing Domestic Violence' and repealing the ban on Domestic Violence within the city limits so that they would not be jurisdiction.

5. Thereby forcing the Shawnee County District Attorney to 'review' the Domestic Violence Cases, as a State law.

6. Since the City of Topeka, 'Decriminalized' Domestic Violence, the Shawnee County District Attorney of course is now forced to review these cases. (Although the DA's Office does not have sufficient funding and in fact suffered a 10% budget cut)

7. The Shawnee County Commissioner's still have not provided adequate funding for District Attorney.

8. District Attorney is now forced to lay off 17% of his staff effective December 23, 2011.


The District Attorney's Office is underfunded, under staffed (unlike the City of Topeka) and still only the most severe crimes will ever make it to trial with most pleading out to avoid cost of trial.

Domestic Violence Cases - will remain completely without consequence to batterers. At best they will be plead out to 1.) disorderly conduct or 2.) destruction of personal property. To get them out of the system quickly so that what remaining resources can be used for higher level crimes of felony.

The City of Topeka has ‘repealed’ the ban on Domestic Violence so victims no longer have the City of Topeka Court as an option to fall back on.

Currently, Domestic Violence Victims now have a better chance of winning the lottery, than having the crimes committed against them ever be prosecuted and Justice still remains denied.

We strongly urge the Shawnee County Commissioners: Shelly Buhler, Ted Ensley and Mary M. Thomas to make ‘Safety’ a priority and act swiftly to provide adequate funding for all crimes, especially the crime of Domestic Violence in Topeka, KS. read more here:

Denise Everhart, Richard Harmon - True ‘elected’ Public Servants Support Victims of Domestic Violence at Rally, Topeka, KS

Denise Everhart (left) and Richard Harmon (right) two of the three that voted against ‘decriminalizing’ Domestic Violence were also at Topeka, KS YWCA March Against Violence October 21, 2011. More Photos here.
It was so nice to see these Topeka City Council officials at the rally today. (Especially after ‘Manspeaker’s fail’).

These two (actually 3) have taken a lot of  ‘heat’ from the other 7 members of the City Council that voted to repeal DV as a crime within the city limits. I was so glad they showed up. So were they, they needed the support as well knowing that they din in fact stand up for the ‘right’ thing and voted ‘no’.

They greeted every one, advocates, survivors and victims, all thanked them for their ‘stand’ against Domestic Violence. They marched with us from the State Capitol down Topeka Blvd with Topeka Police motorcycle (Harley’s even :-D ) escort. When we arrived at the YWCA, they immediately donned gloves and aprons and began ‘serving the public’- hot dogs. The event had about a 150 turn out. Not including the awesome Topeka High Drumline. (video below)
IMAG0862 IMAG0863
While I was talking with Ms. Everhart, she informed me that the city council is still getting tons of email (YEAH-KEEP IT UP). That several organizations, groups have boycotted Topeka until they reinstate the ‘bam on Domestic Violence’. I asked Denise how we could help, she stated that we really need to put pressure on the Shawnee County Commissioners. Plain and simple the DA’s office needs that funding to prosecute crimes especially low level DV crimes.

So we are still no better off than we were before, the city ‘decriminalized domestic violence’—the city has no responsibility –obviously now. But that does not fix the problem. Bottom line, the Commission cut funding to the DA which in turn forced DA to give City all misdemeanor charges including DV. The City decriminalized it-so they would have to prosecute- and now we are back at the DA needing funding. Who holds the key? The Shawnee County Commission.
Thank you to all who turned out today to support Topeka, KS Victims of Domestic Violence! A Big thanks to my hero’s Denise Everhart and Richard Harmon, you are hero’s to every DV Victim/Survivor Nationally—Internationally! We support you for as you GOOD PUBLIC SERVANTS! You have the World Supporting you and your Stand Against Domestic Violence. Thank you.
You can thank them personally as well below for taking a stand against Domestic Violence.
District 4
Denise Everhart (Voted Against Repeal)
District 9
Richard Harmon (Voted Against Repeal)
District 5
Larry Wolgast (Voted Against Repeal)
Those who ‘decriminalized domestic violence’ can be reached below.
Bill Bunten
District 2
John Alcala
District 6
Chad Manspeaker
District 8
Andrew Gray
District 3
Sylvia Ortiz
District 7
Bob Archer
District 1
Karen Hiller
City Manager Dan Stanley
200 SE 7th B11
Topeka Kansas
(785) 233-8200
Ext. 4040
Chairman (District 1)
Shelly Buhler
(District 2) Mary Thomas
(District 3) Ted Ensley



Insult to Injury- Chad Manspeaker who voted to ‘Decriminalize Domestic Violence’ shows up at Domestic Violence Rally in Topeka,KS

Hey Topeka Women - SLAP! Slap! Slap!! Compliments of Chad Manspeaker. Just to make sure you didn’t  get ‘Slapped enough’ the first time – see here

Topeka Voted tonight to Decriminalize Domestic Violence - A Move that Sets Back a 100 years of DV work
10-21-2011 “Manspeaker, who voted with the majority of the council to repeal misdemeanor domestic battery from city ordinance’
This was insane, Chad Manspeaker, not only showed up at rally but spoke about his decision (and 6 others city councilpersons) who voted to ‘Decriminalize Domestic Violence’ with in the Topeka City limits that outraged the Nation. This ELECTED official,  a ‘public servant’ huh? could have fooled me- Had the audacity to show up at OUR DV rally and further had the audacity to ‘explain his decision’ STILL thinking he ‘is da man’ - He is not, he is a coward as are the others who voted to further insult battered women--
And really Chad, while the other two council members Everhart and Harmon (who voted against repealing the ban) were ‘serving the public’ and hot dogs- Manspeaker wouldn’t do ‘public servant work’ he just sat and ate his hotdogs.
Boooooo Manspeaker—how dare you show up and talk your crap at a rally for survivors and victims of ‘Domestic Violence”- the same that YOU ‘DECRIMILIZED?’
SLAP!! SLAP!! Take that- you women! I guess abusers are like that. They like to control intimidate and expect you to kneel down and lick his shoes for his greatness in making sure that Victims of Domestic Violence crime is decriminalized.
Any ways, let him know how victims/survivors do not appreciate his actions.
Chad Manspeaker , 1304 SW College Ave, Topeka, KS 66604        
Cell: 220-9493   email:
Chad Manspeaker

Council District #6
Chad Manspeaker, Councilperson
1304 SW College Ave., Topeka, KS 66604
Chad Manspeaker (@manspeaker) on Twitter

Today is the Last Day of Topeka’s “Week without Violence”- No for Real - The same City that ‘Decriminalized Domestic Violence” uh-huh, That one.

A week without violence in a city that decriminalized-- it'd be great to have a week of prosecutions.
But a DV victim will rarely have her day in court, it will be pled out. We won’t even go into the Budget issues, over burdened criminal and ‘Simple Assault’ (on non family) being more of a crime than –’Domestic Violence’ (beating your family member).
Today in Topeka, Kansas is the annual March Against Violence that ends the ‘Week without Violence’ sponsored by the YWCA.
Final event is today- at 11:00 am at the State Capitol.
The rally/march where all the Local and City Government, Chief of Police, Sheriff, DA, AG, DV Fatality Review Committee.

Since the City of Topeka will not support Victims/Survivors of Violence as the entire Community must, in order to stop the war on women—It is us—We the Survivors, We the outraged, We the people that must show our Courage and Strength (contrary to the City of Topeka’s cowardly –‘way-out’) and show our Support for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence. by Taking a Stand and saying “NO- We Do Not Accept this.”
Bring your Signs, Bring your Heart, Walk for those who can not and show your support.

A Victims' First Scream is For Help, A Victim's Second Scream is For Justice!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Topeka's "Week Without Violence" Begins Today in the Only City in the Nation that 'Decriminalized Domestic Violence."

I am saddened.  The City Council continues to twist and mince words. The bottom line and  in simple English is - YES, THEY DECRIMINALIZED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE within the city of Topeka.

There is no mis- communication Karin Hiller voted to repeal the city ordinance banning domestic battery from city limits. The DA still does not have the funding to do more than review and or plea out DV cases. The County Comissoner has only agreed to look into the finaces of DA- DA will be laying off Staff effective Dec 23 to the tune of 350k-- same amount the Commission reduced his budget. In other words Domestic Violence cases -  being the lowest catagory of crimes even lower than simple assault will NOT get the attention they deserve. 

See some of the other posts on this site. They want to be called hero's? They are cowards. They think that they know what is best for domestic violence victims? They are wrong.

The YWCA begins its week with out violence in the First City in the Nation to decriminalize Domestic Violence. See event here: and please be sure to attend the March on Friday where all the State, City and County Gov. officials will be leading the March.
KEEP WRITING the city council  (express your outrage over their thoughtless and heartless repeal of Dv) and Write the city commissioners  we need the DA's office funded!  We need help!!

The Attorney General Derek Schmidt knows that  Domestic Violence Victims will suffer (MORE than they have already) from budget cuts and reduced staff in DA office.

As for all those on the City Council who voted to repeal ban-- You have not helped us- You have hurt us -even more.

Happy "Week with out Violence" in honor of "National Domestic Violence Awareness Month".

Topeka has become an 'abuser' to battered women as well as an already broken system and sympathy for abusers. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Topeka's Mayor, City Manager and City Council - The devastating impacts domestic violence has on children

So, You think you have the right to be safe? You think that the City Council really Cares? Think again.

Really-- How bad is it? Very.
From Fox News:"I believe the decision by Topeka's mayor and city council would have been different if they knew the devastating impacts domestic violence has on children," Martin said. "Studies show that without help up to three-quarters of these children will grow up to repeat the cycle of abuse."

See the following full length Documentaries:
[This is What Domestic Violence Victims Women and their Children have to look forward to when the Seek Justice]

So what happened?---  "WE The People" told the Topeka City council -- "Do Not Decriminalize Domestic Battery.!!" Against EVERYONE's requests (but their own self serving posturing) They LEGALIZE Domestic Violence.

Hows that "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" -  thingy working out for you?"
--  Are you aware? 
--  Aware that you really do not have any safe avenue, no Justice, no recourse. 
--  You can count only on your self. 

PLEASE do The Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit for Those in Violent Relationships
So if you are killed,  then you become a 'high' case (worth prosecuting). This way, at least your killer will not walk away, doing as he said he would -- "I will kill you,  and I will get away it".   (as so many do)
As you can see, Domestic Violence -- its more than just a misdemeanor, Its a Humans Rights Issue.  See Evan Starks: Coercive Control 
Why abused women develop a profile of problems seen among no other group of assault victims, prisoner camps, the legal system failed to win them Justice, not a crime, but deprivation of Human Rights.
I can speak first hand about this,  I am the lead plaintiff at the Inter American Commission Human Rights  (Dombrowski et el v US) this is how Kansas and the rest of the Nation  takes cares of Domestic Violence Victims.  Look at how they treat those victims who do decide to leave. 

Nothing has changed, it has only gotten worst. The Court Room is the 2nd most dangerous place for  a Domestic Violence Victim/Survivor.

Zeus radio: Where Susan Murphy-Milano, Claudine Dombrowski on Intimate Partner Violence and Barry Goldstein  On "Protecting Battered Women in the Courtrooms. "Out of the frying pan and into the fire"
And also see: 
The Battered Mothers Custody Conference and the new legal research into What Batterers do when Victims decide to leave-- for more information
Simply put, Topeka Kansas, on a good day does NOT acknowledge Domestic Violence  as a crime.  No matter how the City 'says' "we just want to help Victims" the truth is- they simply do not give a crap! Not about Victims Not about the community and with their narrow mined tunnel vision 'hate' towards the DA, their egos have and continue to wreck havoc on women and children in Topeka, in Kansas and Nationally.

All this hype and false sense of security--- Women, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters-- Men who care about the women in their lives Heed this warning. Do not trust in the system to help you. Certainly do not trust those who voted to legalize Domestic Violence in Topeka, KS.

Your case WILL NOT-- get prosecuted, unless you are near dead. That's just the way the system works, and as we all know, any victim of any crime, well --- JUSTICE is never for victims. Assault is a higher charge but alas its intimate partner violence-- so that automatically bumps your "plea' for help your cries for justice into  the 'x' file pile-- trash, dismissed non priority of the crimes.

 You can thank The City Council, City Mayor, City Manager Here for saying and for treating 1 in 4 women "That you do NOT matter." Those who Opposed and those who 'Decrimilized Domestic Violence" here:

Then take a look at the feed to the right-- this is not going away- this is not getting better and its time for a National wake up call--- ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Time's Up!!