Friday, October 21, 2011

Today is the Last Day of Topeka’s “Week without Violence”- No for Real - The same City that ‘Decriminalized Domestic Violence” uh-huh, That one.

A week without violence in a city that decriminalized-- it'd be great to have a week of prosecutions.
But a DV victim will rarely have her day in court, it will be pled out. We won’t even go into the Budget issues, over burdened criminal and ‘Simple Assault’ (on non family) being more of a crime than –’Domestic Violence’ (beating your family member).
Today in Topeka, Kansas is the annual March Against Violence that ends the ‘Week without Violence’ sponsored by the YWCA.
Final event is today- at 11:00 am at the State Capitol.
The rally/march where all the Local and City Government, Chief of Police, Sheriff, DA, AG, DV Fatality Review Committee.

Since the City of Topeka will not support Victims/Survivors of Violence as the entire Community must, in order to stop the war on women—It is us—We the Survivors, We the outraged, We the people that must show our Courage and Strength (contrary to the City of Topeka’s cowardly –‘way-out’) and show our Support for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence. by Taking a Stand and saying “NO- We Do Not Accept this.”
Bring your Signs, Bring your Heart, Walk for those who can not and show your support.

A Victims' First Scream is For Help, A Victim's Second Scream is For Justice!