Monday, October 17, 2011

Topeka's "Week Without Violence" Begins Today in the Only City in the Nation that 'Decriminalized Domestic Violence."

I am saddened.  The City Council continues to twist and mince words. The bottom line and  in simple English is - YES, THEY DECRIMINALIZED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE within the city of Topeka.

There is no mis- communication Karin Hiller voted to repeal the city ordinance banning domestic battery from city limits. The DA still does not have the funding to do more than review and or plea out DV cases. The County Comissoner has only agreed to look into the finaces of DA- DA will be laying off Staff effective Dec 23 to the tune of 350k-- same amount the Commission reduced his budget. In other words Domestic Violence cases -  being the lowest catagory of crimes even lower than simple assault will NOT get the attention they deserve. 

See some of the other posts on this site. They want to be called hero's? They are cowards. They think that they know what is best for domestic violence victims? They are wrong.

The YWCA begins its week with out violence in the First City in the Nation to decriminalize Domestic Violence. See event here: and please be sure to attend the March on Friday where all the State, City and County Gov. officials will be leading the March.
KEEP WRITING the city council  (express your outrage over their thoughtless and heartless repeal of Dv) and Write the city commissioners  we need the DA's office funded!  We need help!!

The Attorney General Derek Schmidt knows that  Domestic Violence Victims will suffer (MORE than they have already) from budget cuts and reduced staff in DA office.

As for all those on the City Council who voted to repeal ban-- You have not helped us- You have hurt us -even more.

Happy "Week with out Violence" in honor of "National Domestic Violence Awareness Month".

Topeka has become an 'abuser' to battered women as well as an already broken system and sympathy for abusers. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.