Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Topeka, KS - Abusers Given the Green Light? FOX NEWS Sheppard Smith

The take on Topeka with Shepard Smith.....
Topeka has been on every major media from left to right, New York Times, New York Daily, Washington Post, the drudge report, The pitch, Forbes, AP, ABC, NBC, MSNBC , CBS, Just to name a few---
Shame Topeka, You are a black eye on the nation. One of the most frequently used quotes”
“If you want to beat your wife move to Topeka”
Mr Dan Stanley should be awfully proud of himself; “City Manager is PLEASED’ he has effectively cut the throats of DV victims yet again. As he giddily dances up and down like the 5 year old mentality that he has.

Courtesy Topeka Capitol Journal
Topeka interim city manager Dan Stanley, initially critical of District Attorney Chad Taylor's pronouncement that city attorneys rather than the DA's staff should handle misdemeanor cases filed in the city limits of Topeka, now is trying to work with Taylor to return the prosecution of such cases to the DA's office.  FILE PHOTO/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL
He so happily tells how proud he is of his decision and vote at the City Council Meeting last night to ‘decriminalize’ domestic violence in the city limits of Topeka KS, so that he and the city do not have to prosecute DV cases.
They instead can pay their City Judges 110K a year to open envelopes for money – from fines, parking tickets, building codes, dog at large. I mean come on already a 110k—no two (2) 110K Judges to open envelopes and put fines in to the city’s coffer.
A $ 9.00 an hour clerk can do both these judges job in one day.

Yes, The DA has to take the misdemeanor cases of DV, but---- only the top - almost dead ones. (so same- Felony only due to budget cuts and staff layoffs)

DA to lay off employees after $347K budget reduction

Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor said Wednesday that 17 percent of the work force in his office will be laid off as a result of the 10 percent reduction of his budget by the county commission.
You see he now has to lay off people in today’s press release as once again it is all about money - Money that the city manager has the County Commissioner has and well… not the DA  and not the victims.
Oh and keep in mind ---
this all happening During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month – even right here in Topeka where Domestic Violence is legal.

YWCA sets Week Without Violence events 10/12/11 - 5:24pm

Events designed to call attention to domestic violence have been scheduled for next week's Week Without Violence, part of the national Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Well it looks like we are back where we started from. Only worst as now it still remains ‘Legal in the city of Topeka, to beat your wife.”

"Time's Up!": Topeka Kansas: Successfully Votes Making "Domestic Violence Legal"