Thursday, October 13, 2011

Topeka's Mayor, City Manager and City Council - The devastating impacts domestic violence has on children

So, You think you have the right to be safe? You think that the City Council really Cares? Think again.

Really-- How bad is it? Very.
From Fox News:"I believe the decision by Topeka's mayor and city council would have been different if they knew the devastating impacts domestic violence has on children," Martin said. "Studies show that without help up to three-quarters of these children will grow up to repeat the cycle of abuse."

See the following full length Documentaries:
[This is What Domestic Violence Victims Women and their Children have to look forward to when the Seek Justice]

So what happened?---  "WE The People" told the Topeka City council -- "Do Not Decriminalize Domestic Battery.!!" Against EVERYONE's requests (but their own self serving posturing) They LEGALIZE Domestic Violence.

Hows that "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" -  thingy working out for you?"
--  Are you aware? 
--  Aware that you really do not have any safe avenue, no Justice, no recourse. 
--  You can count only on your self. 

PLEASE do The Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit for Those in Violent Relationships
So if you are killed,  then you become a 'high' case (worth prosecuting). This way, at least your killer will not walk away, doing as he said he would -- "I will kill you,  and I will get away it".   (as so many do)
As you can see, Domestic Violence -- its more than just a misdemeanor, Its a Humans Rights Issue.  See Evan Starks: Coercive Control 
Why abused women develop a profile of problems seen among no other group of assault victims, prisoner camps, the legal system failed to win them Justice, not a crime, but deprivation of Human Rights.
I can speak first hand about this,  I am the lead plaintiff at the Inter American Commission Human Rights  (Dombrowski et el v US) this is how Kansas and the rest of the Nation  takes cares of Domestic Violence Victims.  Look at how they treat those victims who do decide to leave. 

Nothing has changed, it has only gotten worst. The Court Room is the 2nd most dangerous place for  a Domestic Violence Victim/Survivor.

Zeus radio: Where Susan Murphy-Milano, Claudine Dombrowski on Intimate Partner Violence and Barry Goldstein  On "Protecting Battered Women in the Courtrooms. "Out of the frying pan and into the fire"
And also see: 
The Battered Mothers Custody Conference and the new legal research into What Batterers do when Victims decide to leave-- for more information
Simply put, Topeka Kansas, on a good day does NOT acknowledge Domestic Violence  as a crime.  No matter how the City 'says' "we just want to help Victims" the truth is- they simply do not give a crap! Not about Victims Not about the community and with their narrow mined tunnel vision 'hate' towards the DA, their egos have and continue to wreck havoc on women and children in Topeka, in Kansas and Nationally.

All this hype and false sense of security--- Women, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters-- Men who care about the women in their lives Heed this warning. Do not trust in the system to help you. Certainly do not trust those who voted to legalize Domestic Violence in Topeka, KS.

Your case WILL NOT-- get prosecuted, unless you are near dead. That's just the way the system works, and as we all know, any victim of any crime, well --- JUSTICE is never for victims. Assault is a higher charge but alas its intimate partner violence-- so that automatically bumps your "plea' for help your cries for justice into  the 'x' file pile-- trash, dismissed non priority of the crimes.

 You can thank The City Council, City Mayor, City Manager Here for saying and for treating 1 in 4 women "That you do NOT matter." Those who Opposed and those who 'Decrimilized Domestic Violence" here:

Then take a look at the feed to the right-- this is not going away- this is not getting better and its time for a National wake up call--- ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Time's Up!!