Monday, July 28, 2014

We Can Stop Domestic Violence. The Question is -- Do We Want To?

Domestic Dispute, Leads to SWAT Stand-off with Topeka Police Department

[Tell me, how in the hell a SWAT stand-off,  for four hours with police,  of a man who kicks the mother out of HER  home, locking her out from HER baby girl, and the Topeka Police (and Community) call this Domestic Dispute???  
We have become so complacent in our society with violence against women that the "violence" has been dropped from "domestic violence". There is nothing Domestic about violence against women and children. Drop the "domestic" and charge as any other person crime, e.g. assault, battery etc.
But now..... we have "Dispute" replacing "Violence"? This is an intentional minimizing from the top of the chain, fed exclusively to the sheeple --- whom sadly, seem to kool-aide drink into this whole mind control - or, is it really that we do not want to stop the violence?] Actions speak louder than words.
Kansas -- is always decades late in promoting the newest, and best standards and practices for victims of (domestic) violence. Profit Over Protection - The Industry Of Abuse.
Why they can not just drop the word "domestic" from the violence and prosecute accordingly, is beyond me or simple common sense. Currently the word "domestic" is a "get out of jail free" card, to continue to terrorize women and her children. 
Currently in local news, several KC, DV programs and agencies are WRONGLY implementing and touting the "Lethal Assessment Tool". An out dated and dangerous tool to use. I am like, come on already. Its not that hard.
Apparently, it is.
 Why common sense can not just be implemented in violence against women and children. the DV industry, the profits? For what ever reasons, they do not help women and children who are subjected to violence.
Perhaps maybe, rewriting simple common sense will work for Kansas. Please take note of the Quincy Solution.   

(Ok, Kansas. So there ya have it, again. Actual real solution to address actual real issues. Please follow a common sense approach, and truly offer real resources and real support to woman and children who suffer from violence, needlessly. The information about the Quincy Solution will be published Oct.1, 2014. I highly recommend that agencies purchase, disseminate and model their approaches along these common sense guidelines. It really is not hard to stop violence against women and children in Kansas. We just have to want too.)

The Quincy Solution Will End Most Domestic Violence


A solution pioneered in Quincy, Massachusetts and perfected in San Diego, California and Nashville, Tennessee will prevent domestic violence and domestic murder, saving American taxpayers $500 Billion every year.

The original Quincy Model involved strict enforcement of criminal laws, protective orders and probation requirements together with practices that made it easier for women to leave their abusers and a coordinated community response when they did.

There were a few cases in which the complaining witness stopped cooperating with the prosecutor after the abuser sought custody.  This did not derail the success of Quincy because this was still a rare tactic.

Today seeking custody to regain control over victims is a standard abuser tactic and the Quincy Solution cannot be successful without preventing this tactic from undermining the efforts to prevent DV crime.  This could be done by educating and training court professionals based on ACE, Saunders and other research.  Sadly many courts are very defensive about criticism. (and why profit heavily by selling abuse victims into slavery with their abusers -cd)

The Safe Child Act requires courts to reform their practices and stop sending children to live with abusers.  This is accomplished by making the health and safety of children the courts first priority and by specifically stating this includes circumstances where children are placed in jeopardy such as witnessing domestic violence or separation from primary attachment figure. 

The legislation would also require the use of genuine experts and promotes a multi-disciplinary approach.

Ignorance Is This -- Campaign -- Family Courts Giving Abusers Child Custody

Family Courts Give Abusers Child Custody,  #IgnoranceIsThis Campaign. Students at Boston University's College of Communication  create PSA's to ignite conversation about the problems in America's Family Courts.

These are their productions.