Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Kansas Introduction-- The Address Confidentiality Program

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For today---
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The Address Confidentiality Program- While picking up RX Drug

This afternoon I went to pick up my meds —you know that 2.50 generic program—I’m on social security disability 100% and anyways  it covers nothing- My Dr. told me about  the basic generic programs via pharmacies such as Walgreen Wal-Mart  and others for-- e.g.  Antibiotics -anti-inflammatory (the list of approved generic price drugs (check with your pharmacists about this they will give you a list) for the $2.50 drugs covered. Here is one I pulled for Wal-Mart—but all pharmacies offer a list. ASK THEM or your DR. they will help you.


When I was there picking up my RX for antibiotic related to degenerative bone disease—the little cashier so polite asks my name—confirms date of birth— confirms phone number—you know the usual stuff that goes into computers--then confirms my address. Huh? (she gives an address on file)  Nope that is not my address,  I say ‘never heard of it’—so she wants my address—I give her my dl has a p.o box on it—as you see I am on the Safe at Home-- address safe confidentiality programthis is my address—I live in a box. I explained to this pretty young lady (not much older than my daughter I think to mysef)
Kansas is K.S.A  74-451 just one of Several states that utilize this program. Nationwide directory here.

Well--- I am used to people saying ‘Federal Law Mandates we have a physical address” blah blah-- I am also used to saying ‘This is my address’—I hear the next common reply—“but we will keep it safe” I follow with my norm—‘this is my address’ I am on the Sah, ACP Program through the secretary of state administered by the Kansas Attorney General  spew ( I know by heart.).

Never give your physical address to any one ladies not any one not the cops not any one—once enrolled in the program your physical address is the attorney generals address at least here in Kansas. Stay OFF THE GRID or you will be found.

Then, after the pharmacist says ‘ok’—use her address on her DL’--cool --and as this sweet young lady is ringing me up—she bursts into tears—
“How do I get on it?-Can anyone get on it?”—(ah man I think)—and I know that the state coalition and even worst the old battered women’s task force (now the empowerment center)-sued by men so it changed its name-- sigh) is about worthless—so I direct her to the state its self and the director of KCSDV and the AG

The SaH ACP is in most states another question this young lady asked me—“does my credit card bills etc go there?”-- she asks?  She is not married no children so she has a good chance of surviving— and plans to leave the state. {I and many more have children who are held captive—and will be the main content of this blog- although all that I post will be helpful to any one in out or ongoing a stalking or coercive control situation}

The thing that I want to emphasize is that The States ACP program guarantee only one thing—Your Address—that’s it—they do not have any other resources no homes to get in via the acp—no creative ideas for address no further instructions—its up to you the survivor—this only gives you.. your address is confidential. {There is a whole array of new issues to deal with that. A whole other post.}
Another and perhaps easier way is to get a federal express address or a UPS address   Your New Home address is a street—not a box J--- Kewl huh???—They give a name like 1234 park avenue lane so it’s not a box—which in my case as I am a PO BOX—(and causes so many red flags Like above)—But I am old  and have been off grid since 2000. Only in 2007 did Kansas make Law the SaH ACP program and I was simply  ‘grandfathered in’.

To take it further I highly recommend getting the Times Up book it is available on this site for immediate electronic download.

To the Young Lady I met this afternoon—you have my number—and God Speed baby. And Please Visit Susan Murphy Milano for more info and Times UP! How to STAY SAFE honey!!