Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Susan Murphy Milano – A Legacy of Love, Hope and Inspiration

Susan Murphy Milano can never be replaced. If each State had just a 1/4 of the energy this amazing woman had, there would be no more domestic violence. In looking through just one newspaper, in just one town, of just one State her footprints her love her devotion and compassion is everywhere. Susan was the true advocate that so many women were blessed to know, as a result they survived.

On October 28, 2012, my dear sweet Susan left this world and into the arms of her mother. She may be gone. But her legacy will never leave. I call upon all advocates, most all whom she knows personally, to keep on keeping on stronger than ever. We now have a flaming light shining upon us, our work has only just begun.

I shall miss you my comrade, my sister and my dear friend. But, I know, as I feel you all around, that you are always with us!!

We all have our best or favorite and our own personal memories. As I slowly come to terms with Susan’s passing, I share what is one of my favorite video’s of Susan, who she is and the inspiration and yes hope that I was blessed to receive from Susan.

There were many days when I simply did not think, I could make it through the day. I know some will recall these days, as I splattered my Facebook my wall with the beauty and raw power of hope, survival and love. Susan Murphy Milano.

I Love you Susan. Thank you!!  XOXO

         Susan Murphy Milano – The Legacy of Love, Hope and Inspiration

From the Chicago Tribune